In cave Nº5, we can see, by the quality of its furniture, would be inhabited by a more wealthy family.

This cave is dedicated to those who had to travel to Cuba and South America to find work. These people were forced away from their homes, often in times of famine, and their work abroad was often cutting sugar cane.  When they eventually returned with the money they had earned, they spent this on improving their quality of living.

The furniture in this cave is very similar to Cave No.1 but is of a higher quality and value.  

This cave has more spacious proportions, and greater structural strength, this is achieved by a stone pillar that separates the bedrooms from the main room. We can observe that both this pillar and the wall on the right, are made with red stone from La Cuevita.

The main room is furnished with a water filter, which is enclosed in a much better quality wooden cabinet, than in Cave No.1, it is decorated in typical Canarian style.

A special cup is used to take water from the Bernagal, this is the earthenware water container. This special cup cannot be drunk from due to its shape, this helped the prevention and spread of diseases. The Spanish display cabinet contains a beautiful collection of European and Asian ceramics.


The two boxes or chests are made of Canarian cedar wood, on the dresser we can see the typical clock of Indiano with Swiss machinery and Cuban design.  The chairs of this cave are of traditional canarian style.

Inside you can see two large beds, the metal one from England and the other of Castilian style. Between the two beds, there is a very sheltered toilet area for the ladies, away from prying eyes.